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Buy an Angry Birds iPhone case, not the Angry Birdz rip-off game

Angry Birds fever will not die down. It's still top in the iPhone apps chart, while a new Angry Birds iPhone case is making its way to you. But watch out for the annoyed avian rip-offs!

We can't get away from those persistent Angry Birds. To go with the film, the cuddly toys and Halloween costume, we now have an iPhone 4 case winging its way to us, courtesy of O2 and HMV.

On a landing page, O2 has the Gear4-made case marked for a November release, with designs based on the famous red bird, the yellow pointy one and the dastardly green piggy all available. But HMV is more certain, giving it a price of £15 and putting an 18 November release date on it.

The game is still at number one in the iPhone chart, and one of the most enduring sensations of the nascent app revolution. But this popularity has also made it a target for unscrupulous people looking to make a fast buck.

We've warned you to watch out for fake Android Angry Birds apps, but it now seems a developer has managed to sneak a rip-off 'Angry Birdz' iPhone game past the usually hyper-vigilant guardians of the App Store, according to Pocket Gamer.

The game was developed by Tamas Novak, who's charging $10, more than ten times the price of the real Angry Birds. The gameplay in this fake version is stupidly basic, involving you picking one of three eggs and trying to find a red bird behind it.

Novak also went as far as ripping off the logo from the Red Birds, the logo of the US-based Illnois State University athletics team. He even put in a fake review for the app, saying it was "pure great fun", and that he would "recommend for everybody".

Thankfully, it seems Apple has taken down the app. Are you fed up with people trying to milk the franchise for all it's worth? Comments welcome.