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Buy a Samsung Galaxy S5, get ad-free music from Deezer

Anyone buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 in selected countries can enjoy six months free subscription to music streaming service Deezer.

Buy a Samsung Galaxy S5, get free music from Deezer. Samsung

Without music, life would be a mistake -- Friedrich Nietzsche said that, and he was German so he was talking about David Hasselhoff*. In keeping with that Nietzschean philosophy vis-à-vis music, anyone buying the Samsung Galaxy S5 in selected countries can enjoy six months of free and ad-free music streaming from Deezer.

The free subscription to Deezer Premium+ cuts out adverts and adds ear-massaging 320kbps sound quality. Deezer costs 10 euros per month, making the deal worth up to 60 euros. Update: Once you've bought your S5 in any one of 15 countries, including the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands all you have to do is register with Deezer through the app on your phone and you'll automatically be credited.

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Although it's not yet landed in America, Deezer has 16 million users in 182 countries and boasts a catalogue of more than 30 million music tracks. It plays music on your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, wireless home speakers, car stereo, smart TV and Xbox games console.

Other streaming options include Spotify, Rhapsody (known as Napster outside the US), iTunes Radio, Pandora, Rdio, Beats Music, the list goes on. Services like these are increasingly offered as incentives to buy hardware or sign up to other services; for example UK network Vodafone offers six months of Spotify with its 4G phone contracts.

As music apps rake in the cash, Samsung highlights research that says one third of smartphone owners across the world use their phone to stream music. Here's our guide to getting started with subscription music services -- what's your music-streaming service of choice, and what do you think of the streaming options in your country?

*He probably wasn't.