Buy a dummy iPhone 6 and spread your own rumors

Lately, alleged iPhone 6 "dummy units" have been all over the Internet. If you're growing sick of all the iPhone 6 leaks and rumors, you can buy one and come up with your own.

Eric Mack Contributing Editor
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Eric Mack

Something that looks like what the iPhone 6 might potentially look like is potentially on sale! Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Did you hear that the iPhone 6 will come with a Kevlar, bulletproof cover? Or that Apple plans to create a special "Hello, Kitty" iPhone 6 to appeal to a very young demographic?

I just made those rumors up right now, but it could be easier than you think to spread even more ludicrous speculation about the next iPhone by simply purchasing one of those purported iPhone 6 dummy units that have been making the rounds lately and posting a few photos online.

Presumably a non-functioning shell or chassis taken from a supplier factory somewhere in China (which may or may not be making the actual next iPhone or just an early concept run), at least a handful of these units have popped up on Alibaba-owned retail site Taobao this week for the crazy -- you decide if it's crazy low or crazy high -- price of 379 Chinese yuan or about 60 US bucks.

The few products that I initially spotted via 9to5Mac are already sold out, but odds are pretty good that there are more out there. If you can get your hands on one, you could become the new Sonny Dickson or Evleaks! Or even go nuts making new iPhone concept videos or just spreading wild new rumors. Bonus point if you can convince the Internet that the next iPhone will be edible.