Building the Ultimate BlackBerry

RIM puts all its tools in one place, and Sensis gets on the BlackBerry bandwagon with WhereIs Navigator.

Surfing around for phone applications can be a pain -- so RIM has decided to apply the metaphorical aspirin by setting up a Web site to store all BlackBerry applications, from freeware, to shareware, to fully paid-for applications.

Those who are in a business frame of mind or who just enjoy squeezing out some BlackBerry time, head over to "Built for BlackBerry" to make the experience just that little bit richer.

The BlackBerry news doesn't stop there though, as if you've signed up to Telstra and nabbed yourself a Blackberry 8800 in the process, you can also get your hands on WhereIs Navigator, helping you find your way around town via handy maps and turn-by-turn voice navigation -- essentially a GPS without the need to buy a separate device, an increasingly common convergence.

It'll cost you AU$15 a month for the privilege, but this total includes any data costs that may be incurred by using the device or downloading updated maps. A seven day trial at no charge is available to see if you like the application first, and maps are updated every six weeks through a program called GeoFresh. If all this tickles your inner cartographer, you can get more information from here.