BugMe!: A Palm classic reborn for iPhone

A nice little replacement for the stock Notes app, BugMe! lets you create electronic sticky notes and assign alarms to the important ones.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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BugMe! for iPhone offers simple, sticky note-inspired doodles and reminders. Rick Broida

There's something to be said for a simple, straightforward note-taking app that borrows from the familiar: sticky notes. BugMe! is one such app.

If the name rings a bell, you probably owned a PalmPilot at some point. That's where the app originated, and call me nostalgic, but I'm happy to see it reborn for the iPhone.

Admittedly, the App Store is already replete with sticky note-inspired task managers, so what sets BugMe! apart? In a word: simplicity.

Instead of packing the app with features, developer Electric Pocket kept the interface about as straightforward as they come. Tap "New Note," then just drag your finger to draw.

You can toggle between a paintbrush and eraser tool, choose from eight paint colors (each with a small or large brush size), and pick one of four background colors for your note. You can also turn any photo into a background or fire up the camera to shoot one on the spot.

To set an alarm, just tap the Alarm icon. And to do something with your note besides add it to your digital corkboard, tap the paper airplane. You can e-mail a note, post it to Twitter, save it to your photo album, or turn it into your home-screen wallpaper--great for really important reminders you don't want to forget.

I have only two real complaints with BugMe! First, there's no undo option: Whatever you draw, stays--unless you manually erase it. Second, alarms require connectivity, something I don't understand. That means there's a chance you could miss an important alarm. It also leaves iPod Touch users out in the cold unless there's Wi-Fi nearby.

Ultimately, I can't say BugMe! is the best of the sticky-note apps. (Do you have a favorite? Name it in the comments). But I do admire its ease of operation and mostly smart features. For this PalmPilot veteran, it's 99 cents well spent.