Paula Collins
2 min read

I'm back to talk about a few apps I downloaded, but before I do that, I want to inform you about what just happened to me. I just received my SPRINT phone bill and there was an extra $70 added onto my bill for call forwarding. Actually 350 minutes of call forwarding at .20 a minute. The reason for the call forwarding, which I've never done before, was so I can test drive the Palm Pre, but the Pre has it's own phone number so I just forwarded all my calls from my cell phone over to the Pre. Not knowing I was going to be charged for the forward calls, it's been a month since I turned on the call forward option. So I called SPRINT and told them of the $70 over charge and without any hesitation or combat, they removed the $70 immediately...My hat goes off to you SRINT, that's why I've been with you all these years. Kudos to your customer service team.

Now back to the App Store. I've been missing the games I like to play on my phone, like Backgammon, Free Cell, Bejeweled, etc., however, the Palm Pre doesn't have these apps as of yet, but they do have the Classic Motion App, which is the old Palm OS that is on the 700p, 650, 600 and the 755 Palms. Here are a couple of pictures of what Classic Motion looks like:

Classic Apps looks like the little tuxedo in the first picture. The second picture is the old Palm OS desktop once Classic Apps opens up. Noticed backgammon and bejeweled? They are the old games I had on my old Palm 700p. I just opened up the install folder in the Classic Apps program and dragged and dropped these two games over and they work perfectly, like they were on my old Palm OS. You just have to get use to the arrow keys and tweak it a little and away you go. So now I'm really happy with my Palm Pre. You can even buy games or programs off the Classic Motion website,LINKTEXTHERE without having to do the home brew thing, which I am terrified of. Manipulating my phone has never worked for me, it would always lock up then I would have to take out the battery, reset the phone and remove any program that caused the conflict. I like the Classic Motion Apps program much better. Enjoy.