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Brighten up your selfie with this power bank protective case

Now you can take selfies even at night!

Pyle Audio

If you're one of those people who feel the urge to take selfies all the time, including at night, here's something that will make you happy.

Pyle Audio today introduced the Lite-Me selfie lighted smart case. Basically, this is a slim protective case for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that includes LED lights on the front-facing edges. You can turn these lights on when needed and the rest is self-explanatory. Oh, you can even adjust the brightness and use other effects such as blinking or strobe, too.

The Lite-Me comes with a built-in 1,750mAh rechargeable battery so it won't use up the phone's battery. In fact you can also use the case as a power bank to add some juice to the phone (meaning you can take even more selfies before having to plug the phone in.)

The Lite-Me selfie lighted case is available today for $50.