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Brian Blessed interview: "I want sat-nav on the Moon!"

Brian Blessed makes being a shouty man with a beard look good, and we prove it with a video of our recent encounter with His Boominess.

We saluted Brian Blessed's best bits when he was named the new voice of TomTom, but now we've had a chance to make some celluloid gold ourselves with the big-mouthed big man.

Brian swung by the CNET UK podcast this week to tell us all about his own personal Greatest Gadget, using sat-nav on the Moon, and pranking Kenneth Branagh with real tanks.

We took some of the best bits for the podcast, but there's no such thing as too much Blessed, so we're blessing you with a video of the highlights of the interview.

If you think you can live up to the standard set by Brian, you too can be the voice of TomTom. The Bearded Belter is helping to judge a competition for normal people with standard-sized lungs to offer directions to Britain's lost motorists. You can also win a Renault Megane in which to listen to Brian's booming balderdash. Enter at the TomTom Facebook page

Brian's top tips for winning the competition are to be creative, use your sense of humour and give yourself a funny name. You heard it here first!

As inspiration, listen to Brian's story about how the Queen watches him in Flash Gordon with the grandchildren every night -- we assume she has the laser disk. That could be you! Sorry, we can't stop shouting.