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Box offering 50GB of free storage to LG, Sony Ericsson customers

Select Android users can sign up for 50GB of free lifetime storage through the cloud-based service.

LG and Sony Ericsson customers have access to 50GB of free cloud storage.

Cloud-based storage service Box is in a generous mood this holiday season.

The company announced new partnerships with LG and Sony Ericsson today, and effective immediately, anyone who owns an LG smartphone running Android 2.1+ will receive 50GB of free storage when signing up for an account.

The generous amount of cloud-based hosting far exceeds the 5GB of Dropbox storage that HTC recently began offering their customers and lasts the lifetime of the account. However, LG owners must sign up for an account using their handset before March 31, 2012, when it's expected that the storage will go back down to the 5GB plan.

In a related note, Box will soon begin offering the same 50GB of storage to Sony Ericsson's Xperia line of Android smartphones. However, an exact time frame has not been announced at this time.

For those not familiar, Box offers cloud-based storage and mobile access to music, movies, photos, and other documents. Additional details include file editing, collaboration and sharing with others, and the ability to sync desktop files.