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Bottom line on the iPhone: No.

At least the 'i' part of the iPhone is nice

iPhone calls look great, they just don't SOUND good!
iPhone calls look great, they just don't SOUND good!
Apple, Inc.

OK, bottom line on the iPhone: The PHONE part of it sucks! I have about eight cell phones and four BlackBerrys here - and the iPhone ranks lowest in clarity. Major negative. That alone would keep me from buying one if I were you (but of course we know *I* have a cellular obsession).

Other notes: The locking feature is great. Easy, smooth. Clock and Weather are fine. Its iPod is an iPod (my, time does make us blasé!). The PDA function rocks! Neat and clean. (CNET has a video on just about every feature of the iPhone for those interested.)

So it truly is an 8 overall - not a 10. The poor phone quality, disappointing battery in my real-world use, clumsy mail deletion and most of all the two-year commitment are enough to lean me to a "no".

But I can't want for the next iPhone -- when I assume all this will get fixed.