Boost Mobile plan rewards on-time payments

Plan works by reducing monthly charge by $5 for each on-time payment, until a minimum payment amount is reached.

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Nicole Lee

Updated with correct charges

Boost Mobile has introduced a new plan that rewards customers who make on-time payments. Called the Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage plan, it lets customers reduce the usual $50 monthly charge to as low as $35 just by making payments in a timely manner (unless they're on a BlackBerry plan; see below). The no-contract plan includes unlimited voice, text, Web, e-mail, instant messaging, and 411 calls.

The plan works by reducing the monthly charge by $5 after six on-time payments. So the first month would be $50, the sixth month would be $45, and so forth until the minimum of $35 is reached. Those with the BlackBerry plan start out at $60 a month until they get to the minimum of $45. If customers do end up missing a monthly payment date, they don't have to start over from the maximum amount--they just pay their current rate until it drops to the next level. There is no penalty for missing a month. Customers can sign up for this new plan starting October 14.

Also reduced is the price of Boost Mobile's International Connect feature--it's now $5 a month for unlimited calling to landlines in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and select Asian-Pacific countries. Unlimited international text messaging is included in that as well.