Boost Mobile debuts 'Growing Data' rate plans

A first for the industry, Boost Mobile's new plans reward customers with more monthly data just for paying their bills on time.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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Boost Mobile today announced new rate plans that reward customers for being loyal and timely with monthly payments. Dubbed "Growing Data," the plans add 500MB of data to the account for every third on-time payment.

The prepaid wireless space has been quite active in the last few months as the major players add new features and calling options. Some prepaid carriers have rounded their respective international dialing and messaging plans while others have added rollover data. Boost Mobile, which is a Sprint brand, is the first carrier to give subscribers increasing amounts of high-speed data for the same monthly price.

There are two Boost Mobile Growing Data plans to choose from, but each accumulates extra data at the same rate. The $35 plan starts out with 2GB of data while the $45 option provides 5GB each month.

Boost Mobile rewards customers with free data just for paying the bill on time. Boost Mobile

Those who take advantage of the carrier's Auto Re-Boost can save a little money, too. If you agree to let Boost Mobile automatically take your payment out each month, the $35 plan drops to $30. On the high end, Boost offers a $60 monthly plan which includes unlimited data.

Under the new plans, customers will receive 500MB for every three on-time bill payments. Users can accumulate up to 3GB of data; this would happen after 18 payments. In essence, the $35 plan would ultimately net 5GB of data with the $45 plan delivering 8GB each month.

In addition to the new rate plan, Boost is offering a limited-time promotion for both existing and prospective customers. Buyers can head to a Boost Mobile retail store before January 3, 2016 and pick up a smartphone for as low as $20.