Boost Mobile adds new $10-per-month 2GB plan, but only for a 'limited time'

Boost is starting to roll out new plans, but the discount for its latest options will only last for three months.

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Eli Blumenthal
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Boost Mobile has new plans. 

Boost Mobile

Dish's Boost Mobile is adding some new "limited-time" plans for cost-conscious customers who would prefer savings on their wireless bill over unlimited high-speed data or features like a mobile hotspot. 

The new plans include unlimited talk and text and start at either $10 per month for 2GB of high-speed data or $15 per month for 4GB of high-speed data. Taxes and fees are also already baked into the list price, with no minimum amount of lines needed to get the promotion. 

The promotion runs from Wednesday through Dec. 31, though the discounted rate will only last for three months from when you start service. After that, your high-speed data will drop from 2GB to 1GB per month on the $10 plan and from 4GB to 2GB per month on the $15 option. 

If you go over the allotted data you will be slowed to "2G speeds" with additional high-speed data available for purchase at $5 per additional gigabyte. All new users will be using T-Mobile's network while Dish builds out its own service. Dish acquired Boost Mobile from T-Mobile and Sprint earlier this year as part of a Department of Justice-brokered deal to allay concerns that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger would harm competition in the wireless industry. 

Boost Mobile will include 5G access with the new plans so long as you have a compatible 5G device. Apple's new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, both of which support 5G, will arrive at the carrier on Friday. 

The new plans come nearly a month after Dish appointed Stephen Stokols to head Boost Mobile as its new executive vice president. "The broad play here is 'let's start to segment out the market and give people plans that work for them,'" Stokols says. "Ultimately, with the objective of trying to create more value for the wireless market. And this is really kind of the first attempt to do that" with the new affordable plans.

Stokols says more plans are coming before the end of the year, later adding that this is a "first, small move" with "bigger moves" set to come "before the holidays."