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BlackBerry Z3 leaked image reveals Foxconn-built Jakarta

New pictures have leaked of the BlackBerry phone previously codenamed the Jakarta, but now set to be known as the Z3.

Some people think BlackBerry these days is a bit of a joke. As in, I bought my wife the new BlackBerry. Jakarta? No, she wanted to go. Or what do you call a BlackBerry that isn't a BackBerry? The Z3.

Let's start again. The picture above is a leaked snap purporting to be the new BlackBerry phone, previously codenamed the Jakarta but now set to be known as the Z3. Why is it not a BlackBerry? Because apart from the logo on the outside and the BB10 software on the inside, the rest is created by manufacturer Foxconn.

The partnership with Foxconn was announced at the end of last year when the ailing Canadian company announced an eye-watering loss of £2.69bn loss.

N4BB has revealed various leaked renders of the new phone. Word on the street is that the Z3 will go on sale in Indonesia and developing markets, where it will compete with affordable Android phones and the likes of the best-selling, wallet-friendly Nokia Lumia 520.

Could the Z3 transform BlackBerry's fortunes? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.