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BlackBerry wrinkles its nose at fake BBM reviews

How did all those "potentially fake" positive -- and badly written -- reviews of the BBM messaging app get on the Google Play Store? Beats us, BlackBerry says.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announces BBM support for iOS and Android in May 2013
BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announcing BBM support for iOS and Android in May 2013.
Brian Bennett/CNET

If you can't trust anonymous Internet commenters, who can you trust? BlackBerry has denied it has anything to do with a vast swath of positive -- if overwhelmingly badly written -- reviews of its BBM messaging app on the Google Play Store.

"We have been made aware of a number of potentially fake reviews of BBM for Android on Google Play, with ratings anywhere from one to five stars," BlackBerry told The Next Web. "We have no knowledge of how these reviews were created or populated. We do not approve of or condone such activities."

BBM finally launched for Android and iOS on Monday, having been delayed for months -- leaving a vacuum into which poured many a fake. On Thursday blogger Terence Eden noted thousands of reviews had appeared on Google Play all saying the same thing: "Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth."

This story originally appeared at CNET UK under the headline "BlackBerry denies fake BBM reviews as Samsung fined."