BlackBerry Storm 3 is a storm in a three cup

There's a storm brewin' -- the high-resolution, high definition BlackBerry Storm 3 that is.

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Richard Trenholm

There's a storm brewin' -- the BlackBerry Storm 3, that is. After the BlackBerry Curve Apollo and Dakota rained upon us earlier today, high pressure has swept photos of RiM's newest Storm onto the interwebs.

Boy Genius Report reveals the threequel to the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm 2, which introduced an unusual clicking touchscreen. The prototypes have been codenamed the Monaco and Monza, so the final production name may change, depriving us of weather-based puns in all future stories.

Whatever it's called, the Storm 3 will have a 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, with BlackBerry OS 6.1. There will be 8GB of memory onboard, with a microSD card slot for extra storage. An accelerometer will handle automatic orientation changing, alongside a magnetometer for navigation.

Connection will come in 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi flavours. It will also act as a 3G mobile hotspot, so you could tether other devices for on-the-go browsing. Any USB port in a Storm, as it were.

The 3.7-inch touchscreen will pack BlackBerry's highest-ever resolution in a 800x480, capacitive display. A 5-megapixel camera rounds out the specs with 720p high definition video on offer.

What do you think of the Storm 3? Does it leave you feeling blown away or under the weather? Ride the storm down to the comments to rain on our parade.