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BlackBerry ends awful year with £2.69bn loss

Ailing BlackBerry has announced its sales and earnings for Q3 -- and once again, it ain't pretty.

BlackBerry has announced its earnings for the third quarter of 2013 -- and once again, it ain't pretty. The struggling Canadian company made a loss of £2.69bn between September and November.

Today's results see new interim CEO John Chen discussing the company's performance with investors, as revenue halved from the same time last year.

It's been a tough year for the Canadian company, which launched its next-generation software BlackBerry 10 in January -- was it really less than a year ago? But phones such as the Z30, Z10 and Q5 haven't turned around BlackBerry's declining fortunes. In fact, of the smart phones sold in the last three months, most of them used ageing BB7 software and not the new BB10.

The spotlight is firmly on the ailing smart phone manufacturer's numbers today after the failure of a last-ditch buyout deal last month. The company had already announced a 40 per cent cut of its workforce when proposed buyers Fairfax Financial couldn't find backers with enough confidence in the struggling phone-flingers, leading BlackBerry to boot CEO Thorsten Heins, reorganise the board, and focus its efforts on the business side of the company.

BlackBerry is looking to the future, announcing today a five-year manufacturing deal with Foxconn. 

But continued losses put pressure on the many businesses that rely on BlackBerry kit, leaving them questioning whether they should stick with the company or switch to a rival -- or embrace the 'bring your own device' trend that sees individual workers working on their own Apple and Android smart phones and tablets.

Is BlackBerry finished, or does big business still love wearing a BlackBerry on its belt holster? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook.

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