BlackBerry 6: Next-gen software teased, looks a bit iPhone

Click here to check out the new features of BlackBerry 6, the next generation of software powering BlackBerry phones

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BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, still glowing with Canadian pride at its royal visit, has shown off the new features of BlackBerry 6. The next generation of the software powering BlackBerries packs a new WebKit-powered browser with multi-touch, assorted social media options, and a form of cover flow for your tunes.

All this multi-touch action suggests a move away from BlackBerry's traditional Qwerty keyboard on phones such as the Bold 9700 and Curve 8520, to touchscreen models like the BlackBerry Storm 2.

BlackBerry 6 is up against other next-generation operating systems such as Apple's iPhone iOS 4, Google's Android 2.2 Froyo and the forthcoming Windows Phone 7. To see how BlackBerry's next OS will look, hit play on the video below.

There's more than a hint of iPhone about BlackBerry 6, but it should keep CrackBerry addicts happy too. In other news, RIM is preparing a beta version of its BlackBerry Protect app, which allows you to locate, lock, wipe and display a message on a lost phone. Rather like Apple's Find My iPhone, then.