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BlackBerry 10 users, here's your first software update

The update addresses a bug with the mobile OS's Gmail support, as well as improvements to the camera.

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BlackBerry 10 users are already being treated to their first update to the new operating system.

Handset maker BlackBerry today announced that its update, which will be delivered over the air, improves the performance of third-party applications, ensuring that they run a bit faster and smoother. In addition, the update addresses some problems users are finding with Gmail calendar support and importing contacts from online sources.

BlackBerry launched its new OS software at the end of January, introducing as well the touch-screen BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and the keyboard-equipped Q10. The Z10 is so far available in the U.K., Canada, and India, and is expected to make its arrival in the U.S. later this month. BlackBerry 10 is an important advancement for the company formerly known as RIM as it attempts to hang tough against the giants iOS and Android.

Outside of the aforementioned updates, BlackBerry 10's new software comes with better camera functionality in low-light situations and enhanced video-playback handling in the browser. The update also includes battery life optimizations.

The BlackBerry 10 update is being rolled out now. The download is approximately 150MB in size. BlackBerry says that it'll be made available to all of its carrier partners "over the coming weeks."