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Black Samsung Galaxy S3 bares all in candid T-Mobile snaps

The black Samsung Galaxy S3 has appeared on T-Mobile's US site, teasing us with its ebony charms. Is it glossy? Is it matte? We must know!

Like a perky starlet who's got the tabloids in a tizz -- even though her first big film isn't out yet -- the black Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to pop up all over the Internet, causing a sensation with its sensuous ebony charms. Is it matte? Is it glossy? Who's it dating? We need to know!

This latest saucy shot was papped on the T-Mobile US site by TechnoBuffalo, in a rotating animation promoting T-Mo's superfast 4G network. The podium-dancing gif has since been replaced with one of a black Galaxy S2 -- very much last year's front-page hottie.

That might mean the black S3 isn't ready for its professional debut, but it pretty much guarantees it's a real product -- the people who run T-Mo's website must surely have got those graphics from Samsung.

The black version of the Editors' Choice-winning Android superphone exploded onto the scene last week on Samsung's Facebook page, enjoying a VIP day out at the Olympics and air-kissing one of its white siblings. In those snaps it looked distinctly matte, but these new shots make it look much more glossy. Could that be a light effect added by T-Mobile's spinny graphic, or a true indication of its finish?

UK retailer MobileFun listed the dusky 'droid earlier this week, but confessed it had "found" its image online rather than it being supplied by Samsung. You can pre-order the shadowy smart phone for the thick end of £500.

That's the standard price for the existing white and blue S3s, but you can bag a free one for as little as £26 per month on a two-year contract. Check out hundreds of S3 offers on our mobile deals page.

How do you feel about this charcoal charmer? Is the black S3 the one you've been waiting for? Or are you holding out for a pink version? Colour me interested in your comments down below, or over on our rainbow-hued Facebook page.

Image credit: Engadget