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Black Galaxy S3 listed at Carphone Warehouse

Following an appearance on Facebook, the new hue of S3 has shown up at Carphone Warehouse.

Just a couple of days ago a black Galaxy S3 popped up on Samsung's Facebook page. Now Carphone Warehouse has a black S3 listed in its inventory, adding fuel to the rumour fire that we'll see the S3 in a new colour soon.

A product listed as 'Samsung Galaxy S3 Black' is listed in Carphone Warehouse's internal product database, Android Police reports. There are no other details on the handset, but I'd say it doesn't get much clearer than that.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 comes in white or blue at the moment, but this week snaps of a black S3 showed up on Samsung's Facebook page. One showed it enjoying a day out at the Olympics, tapping a white S3 to transfer data using S Beam (its NFC tech). In another, it's seen taking a picture of an approaching tube train, like it's never seen one before. What a tourist.

The black S3 has a matte finish, setting it apart from its glossy blue and white incarnations. The blue version suffered some manufacturing problems at launch, due to Samsung wanting a new kind of blue, the fancy Dan. The European tech trade show IFA kicks off at the end of the month, so we could see a new hue of S3 unveiled there. Samsung has already confirmed it'll launch the Galaxy Note 10.1 this month, with an event set for Wednesday.

The tech giant is also expected to launch the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA, with a bigger screen, faster processor and improved camera all on the cards. Add to this the company's ongoing court case against Apple, and August looks like a busy month.

Would you buy a black Galaxy S3? Or would you prefer it in a slightly more lively colour? Was it an oversight launching without a black version? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.