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Bing rolls out travel and mapping updates for iPhone

The latest version of the Bing for Mobile iPhone app brings customers an improved mapping experience and new travel features.

Bing Mobile App--travel
Get more travel deals on the Bing Mobile App. Microsoft

In its effort to keep the Bing for Mobile iPhone app competitive in the swiftly evolving mobile OS space, Microsoft rolled out yet another update today. The latest version focuses on improving the mapping experience for the user as well as offering a couple new travel features.

More specifically, the software maker has carried over yet more functionality from the PC-based Bing browser, including the popular Price Predictor. To access the feature, users can click on the Travel option, where you can now find top deals from your home airport as well as weekend and last-minute specials. You can also input specific locations into the search field to find low fares, and an "estimated price" function let's you view alternate dates and airports in order to find the best deal in your area. In addition, the Price Predictor uses Farecast technology in order to provide "buy now" or "wait" recommendations. Finally, the update includes Bing Travel Hot Deals, a tool that showcases the best flight deals around the world.

The mapping feature will enjoy a more subtle refresh. Microsoft has worked to make the layout of the interface more visually appealing, and the app now offers labels that make content more visible on the map.