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<b>"I'M STILL IN LOVE BUT....."</b>

Few things I don't like

2 min read
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Hello, I'm back, just for a short time. I truly have been enjoying my Palm Pre and am most definitely still in love but....I did find a few things I really don't care about, just a few ;o). 1) If you talk on the phone for some time, I noticed the battery gets really hot, hhhhuuuummmm! I know HP had a problem like this with one of their laptops, after the battery got so hot it would burst into flames. I sure hope this isn't the case with the Palm Pre, that would be very dis-heartening. 2) When you're typing a text or a memo, and make a mistake you have to hit the back space which takes out everything you've typed up until then, or you have to hit the word with your finger, which will then place the cursor in a particular place which may not be the place you want, then hit the back space again, which will again, take out the letters you've typed, make correction, then re-type everything that was taken out. "I REALLY DON'T LIKE THAT!" (Maybe there's a way to do it, if anyone knows what it is then please let me know). On the Blackberry Curve you have the track ball which will place the cursor way where you want it and on the Palm Pro you have the arrows which will put the cursor where you want it as well. 3) As stated by me as well as everyone else the infamous keyboard. Not very comfortable to type on, but I am getting use to it. My favorite above all other keyboards is the Blackberry Curve. 4) I would also like to see an on screen keyboard. If you can have an on screen number pad for the phone, why not one for the keyboard?

However, compared to all the other wonderful things that this phone has going on, I can most assuredly live with these few dislikes. All in all I would pick the Palm Pre over the Blackberry Curve and the Palm Pro. I think what Palm is doing is getting all the likes, dislikes and bugs out so when it comes out with the second Palm Pre "IT WILL BE THE BOMB!"

Today, will be short, have much to do, so tomorrow I'll hit you back with some pictures and videos with what I've been doing. Ta ta for now.