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Big players going portal

New media, old media, entertainment, and telephone companies are jockeying to become the portal brand of choice in cyberspace.

New media, old media, entertainment, and telephone Portalopoly companies are all jockeying to become the portal brand of choice. Some efforts are home-grown, such as Netscape Communications' Netcenter, while others--Disney's purchase of a large stake in Infoseek, for example--are the result of companies buying what they can't create.

Netscape next in portal mania?
news analysis Forget about America Online and Yahoo: Is Netscape Communications the next big portal buy?

Netscape rolls out portal beta
The firm is inviting the public to tour its Netcenter construction zone with the launch of the Netcenter 2.0 beta.

New Communicator debuts
Netscape's new version of its software package, Communicator 4.5, will create closer links to Netcenter through "smart browsing."

Netscape's deal dependency
The company's dealmaking ability is being put to the test, with or without help from the legal woes of rival Microsoft.

Old media shop for new media
news analysis Media titans such as Disney and NBC are snapping up Internet media brands, and rumors of other "old" media companies shopping for new media companies abound.

Disney takes stake in Infoseek
update Walt Disney buys a 43 percent stake in Infoseek, ending a week of speculation that the two companies would combine forces.

Nando joins portal ranks
The site is the latest of a slew of sites to offer the add-ons of the "traditional" portals, but observers say it takes more to be a true Net gateway.

AOL up after AT&T report
update America Online rises in preopening trade after a report the online service had declined a tentative buyout offer from AT&T.

AOL affirms independence
update The online giant's top executives tell employees that it is committed to remaining independent and is not merging with AT&T.

Microsoft at the Start line
As part of a gradual opening of its portal site, Microsoft has begun a public beta of its Internet Start site.

NBC buys stake in CNET, Snap
update NBC purchases a 19 percent stake in CNET's Internet portal service, and will operate the service as a joint venture.