<b>We're getting better with time</b>

Paula Collins
3 min read

I'm back, had to take a few days to play around and figure some things out with this beautiful little egg, "The Palm Pre". I had several questions about some apps that I really like, but, was missing on the Palm Pre so I ended up calling Palm on the free 866 number we were given to use for 90 days, on some apps they referred me to Sprint. Here are two questions along with the answers:

1. I use the wired headset, does the Palm Pre, have an auto answer feature like the other Palm products have? ANS: NO, you have to push the botton on the headset to answer the call.

Well, that's ok, when I tried it, it was a one time push and it answered right away. Unlike the Blackberry Curve, you have to push it several times and then hold it down for it to pick up, by then the caller may have hung up.

2. Didn't notice the voice dial, will that app be coming out soon? ANS: Probably, right now we're taking all calls on what people are asking for and the ones that have the highest demand the developers will make an app for.

So, that answer will also go for Voice Record, MSN Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Don't know why these aren't on the phone now.

As far as adding pictures to your contacts, I really love this feature, it allows you to crop the photo for the best fit.

Notice the white outline around the picture, you put your finger on the picture and move it to where you want it cropped. The Blackberry Curve has this option and I loved it.

Now here come some pictures I've taken with the Palm Pre of my yard. With the 3.2 megapixel camera the clarity is much better than all other phones with cameras plus it has a flash on it like the Blackberry Curve, the Palm Pro doesn't even have a flash. Really like this feature. I didn't find the zoom for the camera, like the Blackberry Curve has, so was a little set back. You just have to get the camera closer to the object to zoom in on it.

The first picture was taken in full sun and the second picture the sun went behind a cloud and the camera adjusted the white balance and this is how the picture turned out.
The third picture was taken with the Blackberry Curve and you can see a stark difference in the quality of the pictures. As far as the camera and its features, I give it an A+, with 3.2 megapixels, the flash the automatic white balance and the cropping feature it really makes for an outstanding camera for a phone.

Some have complained that it doesn't have a video cam on it like most cell phones, but that doesn't bother me. I only use the camera, on the cell phone, to take a photo of the person whose phone number I have so I can attach a picture with it. I keep a 10 megapixel camera in my purse which has the video cam on it and that's all I really need.

I went through all the set ups; e-mail, contacts, transferred pictures, ring tones (which I made) and downloaded some apps. The whole process took much longer than I had expected and I will touch on some of these in a few days. But after it was all said and done, I LOVE THIS PHONE. The Palm Pre is truly the phone I've been looking for and will probably keep longer than any other cell phone I've had.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the keyboard, texting and video clips. So I'll see you tomorrow. Ta ta for now.