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Best Samsung Galaxy S cases and accessories: Make your Galaxy a star

Give your Samsung Galaxy S some love with our pick of the best cases, cables and accessories to perk up this smart phone stunner.

Despite some initial bugs, the Samsung Galaxy S is a fantastic smart phone, especially since its recent update. So why not show it some love with a heap of great accessories?

Although you won't have the choice of swag you do with the iPhone, at least Samsung tends to put out some very cool official merch, from cases to cables.

Our samples were from MobileFun, which we spotted because of its wide selection, but you should shop around for the best price.


The Samsung Galaxy S is a smart phone with a giant, gorgeous screen, but unlike recent heavy, metal-trimmed phones such as the HTC Desire HD and the iPhone 4, it's oddly light. It feels like a plastic wafer, but not in a bad way. But if it makes you nervous -- and it makes us nervous -- you may want to invest in a case to protect your investment. 

For the minimalist, the FlexiSheld Skin is just rubbery enough to bounce, but not too stretchy when you're using the phone. It's also slim and light, so it doesn't make the Galaxy S feel bulky. Our translucent blue version looks cheesy though, so you might want to go for the black. Expect to pay £10.47.

If you fancy something beefier, the Case-Mate Tough Case combines an internal silicon case with an outer hard case. It definitely adds some weight to the Galaxy S, but it feels like solid protection and it also makes the phone easier to grip. That's handy if you find the Galaxy S's plastic case slippery in your giant, unwieldy paws. The Tough Case will cost you £21.95.

Batteries and chargers

Like all smart phones, the Galaxy S drains battery juice like people talking about their dog drains the life out of a conversation. Happily, there's an official Samsung battery case, which replaces the existing back cover and battery of the phone, bumping your talk time up by 8.5 hours. Perfect for those long weekends away from the power socket, but it's not cheap at £39.99.

You could just pick up an extra battery, which will set you back £24.99 from Samsung or £10.47 for the generic version.


If you do have a spare battery, we quite fancy this dock -- it charges the phone and the extra battery, despite the fact that you have to plug in the phone with a little dangly USB cable because the port's on top. It's £17.97.

If you're not packing a spare battery, there's also a better-looking, official dock for £24.95 that would suit a bedside table, since Android makes a great alarm clock.

Cables and stylii

The Galaxy S supports DLNA to get your media out to your TV, but not every telly supports that. We've seen pictures of a micro-USB to HDMI cable from Samsung that lets you output an HD signal from the Galaxy S to a telly, but it's been pulled from the Samsung webpage. We're trying to get our hands on one now, and we'll let you know if it's any good.

In the meantime, if you're really desperate, there's a cable for connecting your 3.5mm headphone jack to an RCA-in for £14.99 direct from Samsung.

In the meantime, we'll have to waste our money on this official Galaxy S stylus which is genuinely advertised as "suitable for users with fat fingers/long nails". A small price to pay for the debilitatingly fat-fingered at a mere £14.95.

Make your own

If you can't convince someone to give you anything from our list this Christmas, why not make your own Galaxy S swag? Get started with our guide to stand making and let your imagination run wild. Galaxy S shoe phone, anyone?