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5 Best Cheap Qi Wireless Charging Pads Under $20

Looking for a cheap wireless charging pad for your Qi-enabled phone? Here are the top picks tested by CNET experts.

Maybe you recently picked up a new iPhone or Android phone with wireless charging, but with no wireless charging pad included in the box. Fear not -- there are some good deals right now on high-quality wireless charging pads, a couple of which cost less than $15 and three that cost less than $20. We'll update this story as new deals appear.

Not that this list is limited to budget Qi wireless charging pads, most of which don't include a power adapter. If you're looking for more wireless chargers, we have a list of the best Qi wireless chargers that includes models that can charge multiple devices at the same time (a smartphone, Apple Watch and earbuds with a wireless charging case) along with portable magnetic wireless batteries (MagSafe-compatible) and even wireless phone chargers you can mount in your car.

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Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET
You're receiving price alerts for Anker Wireless Charger, 315 Wireless Charger (Pad), 10W Max Fast Charging, Compatible with iPhone 13/12 Series, Samsung S22, AirPods, Samsung Buds, Google Buds, and More (Wall Charger Not Included)

Over the years, Anker has sold a few different budget Qi wireless charging pads. There's nothing terrible fancy about its 315 Wireless Charger, but it delivers up to 10-watt charging speeds for Android smartphones and 7.5 watts for iPhones, and it does look fairly sleek with a slim design (it also has some grippy material on top so your phone doesn't slide off).

It's not a super fast charger but it's fine for those who charge their phones overnight. A USB-C cable is included, but you will need to supply a power adapter (you'll want one that's capable of delivering 10 watts or more to get the higher charging speeds). 

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET
You're receiving price alerts for Belkin Quick Charge Wireless Charging Pad 15W

The latest version of Belkin's wireless charging pad offers up to 15-watt fast charging (a power adapter and cable are included). Only certain Android phones are compatible with that 15-watt wireless charging speed, and the pad only charges iPhones at 7.5 watts. It does have some rubber grips embedded into the slim puck to keep your phone from slipping of the pad. 

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET
You're receiving price alerts for Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charger, 15W Mini Lightweight Charger with N52 Strong Magnets & Aerogel-Made Casing for an Upgraded Temperature Control for Magsafe Compatible with iPhone 12/13/14 Series

The Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charger or Baseus Magnetic Charger for MagSafe as it's called on Amazon, is a slim Qi wireless charging puck that sticks securely to MagSafe-enabled iPhones (or MagSafe-enabled cases). You can also just let an Android rest on top of it for charging (or a set of earbuds with a wireless charging). It charges iPhones at up to 7.5 watts and Android devices at up to 15 watts. 

No power adapter is included, but a USB-C cable is integrated into the puck. A 20-watt PD fast charger is recommended.

You're receiving price alerts for Anker 313 Wireless Charger Stand

Anker makes its newer PowerWave 2 charging stand that offers faster charging speeds and comes with a power adapter for around $35. But if you already have a power adapter, the 313 Wireless Charging Standing will work just fine for most people, particularly if you're mainly charging overnight. It offers up to 10-watt wireless charging for Android devices and 5-watt wireless charging for iPhones. No power adapter is included.

You're receiving price alerts for mophie Charge Stream Pad+ - 10W Qi Wireless Charge Pad - Made for Apple iPhone Xr, Xs Max, Xs, X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung, and Other Qi-Enabled Devices - Black

This Mophie Qi wireless charging pad retailed for over $50 when it first came out in 2018 (I still use it today). It's now down to $12 in black. This charges iPhones at 7.5 watts and Android phones at up to at 10 watts. It's not the latest and greatest charging pad, but it's cheap.