Best Buy cancels Galaxy Fold preorders

The future of Samsung's foldable phone remains unclear.

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Best Buy on Thursday said it'll cancel preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

A post on the Best Buy forums from a member of the company's social media team said the retailer decided to cancel preorders because of the lack of a new release date. 

"Because we put our customers first and want to ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner, Best Buy has decided to cancel all current preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold ," wrote the member of the company's social media team.

An email from Best Buy was sent to customers with Galaxy Fold preorders confirming the cancellation. Those with canceled orders were also given a $100 savings code for a future purchase.

A Samsung spokesperson said in an email that the company is working with Best Buy and that a new release date for the Galaxy Fold will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Galaxy Fold was originally set to be released on April 26, but issues with review units caused the company to delay the release. Some reviewers' devices experienced breaking screens, flickering and bulges underneath the screens. Samsung has reportedly found a solution to the Galaxy Fold problems