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Best Buy announces Samsung Fascinate preorders

Rumored for a September 9 launch, the Samsung Fascinate is Verizon Wireless's version of the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung Fascinate

Best Buy announced Friday morning that the Samsung Fascinate will be available for preorder starting Sunday, August 29. Verizon Wireless' version of the Galaxy S smartphone features a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, and runs the Android 2.1 operating system. As an added incentive, Reward Zone members can reserve the Fascinate today at a nearby Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile location.

There's no word as to what the actual release date is for the phone, but everywhere I turn, the speculation is it will launch on September 9. As far as price goes, I'd expect this to arrive with the all-too-common $200, possibly after rebate. I would look for Verizon to issue a news release in the coming days to alert its subscribers and potential customers.

Once released, the Fascinate will join three other Samsung Galaxy S phones here in the United States. Each major carrier offers their own branded experience with the T-Mobile Vibrant, Sprint Epic 4G, and AT&T Captivate. Samsung has big plans for this flagship phone as it releases it to more than 100 carriers around the world.