Best apps to help prepare for spring cleaning 2019

You don't need Marie Kondo to declutter your house. Just get some of these apps.

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spring cleaning

Find the perfect app to help you tidy up your house this spring.


Turn off the TV and shed your winter hermit shell because spring is right around the corner. If you haven't thought about spring cleaning yet, it's not too late. Use these helpful cleaning apps to inspire you to sweep last year's mess out the back door and get your house tidied up.


FlyLady (download for iOS), based on the FlyLady website, makes cleaning less stressful by dividing your house into zones, like the kitchen or living room. Then you can focus on one zone at a time.

Assign preloaded routines to each of your zones, like dusting and vacuuming. Set a time limit to complete each zone -- some may take a few hours while others take several days. Once you are finished, check that task off your list. FlyLady notifies you when it's time to move on to a new zone.

Plan your routines around your schedule by splitting them up throughout the day. If you have more time in the evening than the morning, schedule more tasks for the morning.


FlyLady App

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Time to check those overdue to-dos off your list with Spring Cleaning Checklist (download for Android).

Set up your checklist to include each room in your house and add tasks like wiping the baseboards or purging the refrigerator. Start with one room at a time, so you don't feel overwhelmed, and complete each task for that room.

Unlike with FlyLady, you won't be able to check the tasks off your list once you complete them, so it may be confusing at first. If you stick to completing tasks in the listed order, it helps you make sure all of your tasks are finished. Read the Bonus Tips page for more on organizing family spring-cleaning days.


Spring Cleaning Checklist App

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If you're looking for an app to motivate your kids to do chores, look no further, OurHome (download for iOS or Android) can help. The app lets you reward your kids for doing their share of the housework.

Set a deadline when you want each chore finished by. Once your kids have completed their tasks, they'll earn points that they can cash in for a reward. The rewards can be anything, like allowance, a new toy or movie night.

Set reminders, send messages and view your kids' chore progress when you sync your family's devices with the OurHome app.


OurHome App

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Use Decluttr (download for iOS or Android) to sell your tech gadgets that are collecting dust. Cell phones , gaming systems, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, games and books are available to sell.

To sell a cell phone or tech device, select the make, model and condition and you'll get a guaranteed instant price. If you're selling CDs, DVDs or games, scan the bar code to get an instant offer from Decluttr. If you're selling a DVD or book that is clearly damaged, Decluttr will not accept the item.

Once you've sold an item, Decluttr ships you packaging for free. As soon as your package arrives at Decluttr's warehouse, Declutter says you will get paid by direct deposit, PayPal or check.


Decluttr App

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Organize every item in your life, and make money while doing so, with Snupps (download for iOS or Android). The app helps you keep track of what you own. Upload pictures of your stuff, create virtual shelves and organize items by category like shoes, watches, cameras.

Go through your inventory often and sell anything you don't want directly through the app. You could even use it as your digital yard sale and share with the community. This will encourage you to declutter your house of unnecessary items. You can also shop other users' listed items in the app.


Snupps App

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Home Routines

Keep your chores in order with Home Routines (download for iOS). Create checklists, assign tasks to specific days of the week and set alerts to stay on track. When you complete a task, you'll earn a gold star.

Set your checklists to automatically reset daily, weekly or monthly. For example, customize Home Routines to remind you to clean the table daily, do the laundry weekly and wipe down windows monthly.

Your cleaning lists are located in Focus Zones, where you can add rooms and tasks. You can choose a different zone each day or have a zone that only shows up once a month. Set the in-app timer for speed cleaning if you're feeling ambitious.

The app has a one-time price of $5.


Home Routines App

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Unfilth Your Habitat

Unfilth Your Habitat (download for iOS or Android) is just the motivation you need to get stuff done around the house. This app was designed for the "lazy person with a messy home," and be aware that it contains profane language.

Unfilth Your Habitat (UfYH) uses a timer to break up your tasks into smaller chunks of time. Rather than waiting until you feel ready to spend an entire day cleaning, you'll be more likely to complete your chores. The goal is to beat the clock to finish the challenge and earn a trophy reward.

The timer options are 20 minutes of work with a 10-minute break, and 45 minutes of work with a 15-minute break.

The app sends motivators to remind you that excuses are not acceptable. UfYH also guilt-trips you, probably with swearing, to get you moving and cleaning your house. If you don't mind the profanity, you can get this app for $1.


Unfilth Your Habitat App

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Think Dirty

Spring cleaning doesn't just have to be about the house; sometimes it can involve taking better care of yourself. Clean up the toxic cosmetics and personal care products you may have been using with Think Dirty (download for iOS or Android). The app gives you information on products you're using and offers ways to shop for safer products.

To learn about the potential toxins in your face wash, shampoo products and more, you scan the bar code on your item and the Dirty Meter gives you a rating with extra information. Use My Bathroom Rating to keep track of what you have in your bathroom. You can use this to monitor your progress of adding better products.


Think Dirty App

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