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Best and worst phones of 2010

This year is almost over, so CNET takes its annual step back to review the year in cell phones. Check out the best and worst handsets of the year.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
Kent was a senior managing editor at CNET News. A veteran of CNET since 2003, he reviewed the first iPhone and worked in both the London and San Francisco offices. When not working, he's planning his next vacation, walking his dog or watching planes land at the airport (yes, really).
Kent German
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Though it's not quite the end of the year, the new cell phone releases for 2010 are beginning to wind down. So as December lurches on, we take this opportunity to look back at the mobile year that was. Since January, CNET's cell phone reviews team has reviewed almost 200 handsets. Some were fantastic, some were awful, and the rest fell somewhere in between.

Since the two extremes are the most interesting, we offer a review of the best and worst phones of 2010. These photo galleries do not include smartphones--Bonnie Cha will follow up with those lists next week--but they do include the shining stars and darkest pits of despair that we encountered on the regular cell phone beat. So now, sit back, relax, and see them for yourself. And be sure to tell us about your cell phone loves and loathes in the comments below.

Review the best and worst phones of 2009.

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