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Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Get Three New Colors

The popular Apple earbuds, a sportier version of the AirPods Pro, now come in volt yellow, coral pink and tidal blue.

The Beats Fit Pro now come in yellow, blue and pink
The new Beats Fit Pro colors hit stores later this week.
David Carnoy/CNET

Last year Beats collaborated with Kim Kardashian on a special-edition version of its Beats Fit Pro ($200, £220, AU$300) earbuds that came in three "neutral" color options. Now Beats is adding an additional three eye-catching shades -- volt yellow, coral pink and tidal blue -- to the line, with the new colors hitting Apple Stores and third-party retailers on Thursday, Feb. 23.  

Aside from the color change, the new colors have the same functionality as other Fit Pro earbuds and cost the same, although the standard Fit Pro colors (black, white, sage gray and stone purple) have been discounted by up to $40 in recent months. We awarded these buds an Editors' Choice in late 2021, as I called them the "sportier AirPods I've always wanted" in my full Beats Fit Pro review

Unlike Apple's AirPods line, which is only available in white, Beats earbuds and headphones have always come in various color options. (Apple owns Beats and the Beats Fit Pro share many of the same features as the AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2.) Over time, Beats typically adds new colors to refresh its lines and last April introduced three new color options for its Beats Studio Buds. Alas, no new features have been added alongside this color update. 

To my eye, all the new colors are aesthetically pleasing. But after handling a set of review samples, the yellow and coral pink (more of a salmon, IMO) are the clear standouts. Previously, Beats made its Powerbeats Pro earbuds available in a similar yellow.