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Beats celebrates Apple sale, but not all Beatsniks are pleased

Beats is quick with an ad on Twitter that's something of a monument to the future. But not all Beats' followers are as delighted.

And the Beats go on. Beats By Dre/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

How they celebrated.

"Both overpriced trash," offered Cornelius Washington.

"It just sucks Apple sucks up alot of things and i find the music quality in Ipods/phones crappy," mused Jeremiah Johnson.

"Ugh, going to feel dirty everytime I hook my Studios up to my @HTCUSA One," said Nobody (real Twitter handle).

These Twitterpeople may have been a minority, but a vocal one, as Beats By Dre celebrated being bought by Apple with a heroic ad on Twitter.

Featuring a tattooed arm holding Beats headphones and an iPhone, the headline roared: "Here's To The Next Episode."

You can understand the elation and the promise. Money has been made, slightly before history.

Yet not everyone looks upon the Apple brand as compatible with Beats. Each had their own very distinct, powerful identity. Each of those identities will be preserved, according to Apple.

However, as confused Twitterer Mickey Monday mused: "So what do you guys go by now; "Beats... By Apple?"

You can look at Apple buying Beats as a relationship of contrasts: middle aged vs. young; white vs. black; subtle vs. overt.

In the end, it signals a new step for Apple in securing a brand with an overt presence and some noisy personalities with it.

You can't expect everyone to find that melodic, can you?