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BBM update to support Wi-Fi-only iPad, iPod Touch

Support for the two Wi-Fi devices will arrive Thursday as part of an update to the BlackBerry Messenger iOS app.

BBM for iOS is expanding to the Wi-Fi iPad and iPod Touch.
BBM for iOS is expanding to the Wi-Fi iPad and iPod Touch. BlackBerry

Owners of the Wi-Fi-only iPad and iPod Touch will be able to download and use BlackBerry Messenger before the end of the day.

BlackBerry confirmed Thursday that updates to BBM for Android and iOS will start to roll out as free downloads during the day.

Available through the Apple App Store, the iOS edition of BBM will offer several enhancements. Tops on the list is support for the Wi-Fi-only iPad and iPod Touch. But there's more in store.

You'll also be able to invite a BBM contact to your BBM groups via e-mail, a handy option if you don't know the person's PIN. A new "Tell your friends" feature will let you find fellow BBM users via the BBM sharing Web site.

You'll be able to share your BBM PIN and PIN barcode through Facebook and Twitter. The update also fixes a few bugs and promises performance improvements.

Available through Google Play, the updated BBM for Android app includes the same enhancements hitting the iOS version. It also will allow you to create categories in your contact lists to organize your BBM contacts and let you sort and filter your BBM groups.

BlackBerry ran into difficulties in September when it tried to roll out BBM for iOS and Android. A leaked, unreleased version of the app forced the company to delay the actual launch by a month. The official iOS and Android versions of BBM released in October proved hot commodities, reaching 5 million downloads in just eight hours.