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BBM officially heading to Samsung Galaxy phones

BlackBerry's venerable messaging platform to hit Samsung's devices.

Would a cross-platform version of BlackBerry Messenger benefit RIM?

It seems like it was ages ago when BlackBerry dropped the news that BBM would find a home on Android handsets. Apparently the wait is about to end, at least for owners of Samsung Galaxy phones.

A new report from the folks at N4BB claims that Samsung has officially committed to the messaging app. Specifically, BBM addicts will be able to download BlackBerry Messenger software via the Samsung app store and Google Play store "soon." With BBM, Galaxy users will have access to their BBM accounts, including BBM chats and BBM Groups.

It also appears that BBM functionality will be integrated in Samsung devices through a Samsung messaging hub. Whether this means Sammy customers will be treated to a UI similar to the BlackBerry Hub, basically a unified inbox on steroids, remains to be seen. Frankly it's one the best features on BB10 and a skill Android phones would do well to assimilate.

BlackBerry unveiled plans to offer BBM on iOS and Android in May 2013. Brian Bennett/CNET

So what's the catch? Outside of the vague availability date, it initially looked like BBM would only be served up in Africa on solely on Galaxy handsets. That definitely would have been a bummer to potential BBM adopters on Android devices occupying many corners of the globe.

Former BBM loyalists on Android shouldn't despair though. BlackBerry has clarified with CNET that BBM will indeed launch in the Google Play store and be available for download on a wide range of Android devices (not just Samsung phones), Furthermore BBM will be launched worldwide (not only in Africa) sometime "soon."

Updated August 6, 2013 to reflect additional info from BlackBerry.