BBC iWonder helps you learn on phone or tablet as you watch TV

iWonder is a new series of interactive guides for your 'second screen', starting with the BBC's World War One season.

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The BBC is bringing the First World War to the second screen. iWonder is a new series of interactive guides for your phone or tablet, packed with bonus information on the TV shows you're watching, starting with the BBC's World War One season.

Explained in a BBC blog post, iWonder is a series of interactive guides for your computer, phone or tablet that help you to learn more about the BBC show you're watching. It's sort of like a red button for your phone or tablet. leading you to a fact-packed educational slideshow.

iWonder taps into the 'second screen' trend, in which viewers look up the show they're watching on their phone or tablet on IMDB or Wikipedia, or chat about it on Facebook or Twitter.

iWonder launches with eight guides commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the beginnings of the First World War. This month will see 25 guides available to explore including journalist Kate Adie on how the war changed life for women, poet Ian McMillan on how poetry has shaped our perception of WW1, and Dan Snow on conditions in the trenches.

The BBC's ambitious World War One Season will involve more than 2,500 hours and 130 programmes devoted to the conflict over the next four years. It starts next Sunday on BBC One with Britain's Great War, presented by Jeremy Paxman.

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