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Bay revamps network tools

Troubled Bay Networks continues to enhance its network management applications for workgroup and enterprise environments.

Bay Networks (BAY) may be in the throes of putting its internal management in order, but the company continues to enhance its network management applications for workgroup and enterprise environments.

The beleaguered networking vendor announced enhancements to its Optivity Enterprise suite of management applications as well as the delivery of Web-enabled versions of Optivity products. Support for Hewlett-Packard's OpenView for Windows and Novell ManageWise for Windows 95 environments is also now available in Optivity Campus 6.1.

Optivity Enterprise 7.1, comprised of four management software components, now includes support for Bay's Centillion 100 and System 5000BH frame and ATM switching platforms. This means that the boxes can be included in an Optivity Enterprise network topology or can be monitored for performance.

Optivity LAN 7.1 and Optivity Planning 7.0--two components of Optivity Enterprise--now include Web-enabled features for network monitoring. The OmniView component of Optivity LAN now can gather network statistics from a variety of standard management information bases and graphically display them within a Web browser. Two other components, Enterprise Health Advisor and Enterprise Command Center, also are now Web-enabled, offering administrators performance problem diagnosis features as well as the ability to display devices on a network by type and location. Long-term trending of network information has also been made available on the Web in Optivity Planning.

Each Optivity Enterprise application costs $5,995 and is available for HP's OpenView Network Node Manager, Sun Microsystems SunNet Manager, and IBM NetView/6000 for AIX. Optivity LAN 7.1 and Optivity Planning 7.0 are available now. Optivity Analysis 7.1 will be available by the end of the year and Optivity Internetwork 7.1 will be available in February.

Optivity Campus 6.1 for ManageWise 2.1 and OpenView for Windows are both $3,495. They will be available in March.