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Bad customer service has phone fans looking to ditch their network

Shoddy customer service is the main reason many phone users ditch their network, even more important than price.


Shoddy customer service is the main reason many phone users ditch their network, with a third of British phone users having changed recently and a quarter planning to switch soon.

That's according to a survey conducted by Ovum and Tektronix Communications, who asked 3,500 phone fans across the world about their network. Roughly a third of British respondents had changed network in the last 18 months, and a quarter of those responding plan to change to a different operator in the next 12 months.

More than half of those surveyed said customer service was an important factor in deciding whether to stick or twist. A quarter of those surveyed rated customer service as the most important factor, even more so than price.

A whopping 23 per cent of people replying rated their network's customer service at five out of ten or less. Ouch.

It's a competitive time for phone networks at the moment: the arrival of 4G has shaken things up with networks competing on price and on extras such as free Spotify subscriptions.

EE, the UK's first 4G network, has been able to name its price for a year. But now Vodafone, O2 and others are in the game, prices are much more competitive -- and with Three and Tesco refusing to charge extra for 4G, experts have even predicted that 4G fees "will be all but gone by the summer."

EE gets the most complaints passed on to telecoms watchdog Ofcom. Speaking of customer service, EE today announced that it's bringing more than 1,000 customer service jobs back from overseas call centres.

How's your network? Are you planning to switch, and if so why? Tell me your stories, booth good and bad, in the comments.