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Avoid spam calls, find numbers faster with Current Caller ID on Android

Calls from telemarketers can eat up your monthly minutes, or just plain waste your time. If you're tired of answering or calling back to these "businesses," the most recent update to the Current Caller ID app by Whitepages is here to help.

Last year, I shared how to use the Whitepages Current Caller ID app to easily track blocked calls and texts. Now, Whitepages has added the ability to spot many of today's spam/scam numbers, along with some other convenient features.

If you don't have the app already, there's no time like the present to get a copy. Current Caller ID is available for Android 2.2 and up.

The UI for the app has received a makeover, sporting lighter colors and better organization for its features. For example, the previous version of the app had two tabs for your call log -- one Recent and the other Frequent -- but now there's just one tab with a toggle for the two choices. The Blocked calls/texts menu has also moved to the row of icons along the bottom.

Avoid spam calls


When a phone number is part of an area code that has a high spam score, an alert will be shown on the Whitepages info window when making or receiving a call. According to Whitepages, their app can identify over 21,000 different scam numbers. Additionally, they will keep updating their spam directory to maintain the accuracy of flagged numbers.

Find numbers faster


Right before the update that enables you to spot spam calls, Whitepages added a smart contacts feature to the Current Caller ID app. This allows you to see not only numbers that are stored in your address book, but also those identified by the app in the past. You can also link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to gain access to profile information your connections have shared. If you download the official Whitepages app, which Current Caller ID can access through the search feature, you can easily look up numbers for people and businesses listed in their directory. There's even a built-in dialer, so you can just tap on a number to make a call.

Current Caller ID is an app that has improved with each update. The new UI, ability to spot spam numbers, and quick access to numbers are just a few of the reasons why nearly 5 million people have this app on their Android device.