Optus apologises for racist job ad

Under "preferences", the ad mentioned "Anglo Saxon".

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Mark Serrels

Optus has apologised for the racist ad.


Optus , the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, has apologised for a racist job advertisement.

Under "preferred" (mispelled as "preffered") the job ad listed "Anglo Saxon", suggesting that white people would be preferred for the position in an Optus store in the North Shore.

The job ad, for a casual retail consultant, has since been removed. 

In a statement, Optus' vice president of human resources Vaughan Paul said it was "unacceptable".

"Optus proudly supports diversity and employs staff representing more than 70 nationalities," said Paul. "This error is completely unacceptable and a clear breach of our advertising standards and commitment to equal opportunity employment."

The Optus official Twitter account has also been responding to complaints. 

"We have removed the advert," said Vaughan Paul, "and will be investigating how this occurred with a view to taking disciplinary action against those involved."

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