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Aussie LG Optimus 2X shouldn't reboot

Rebooting issues that have plagued the Optimus 2X handset in Europe should not be present in Australia, according to LG.

LG Optimus 2X (Credit: LG)

International early adopters choosing LG's dual-core Optimus 2X have been raging online over a software issue that causes the handset to spontaneously reboot — though LG says that this issue should not be present on the latest shipment of devices received in Australia.

"We are monitoring the situation really closely locally, and to date have not seen local stock presenting any issues with customers." said Brad Reed, senior category marketing manager at LG.

"The Australian stock was provided with the latest software ... it is different from the initial version that was supplied on first-release devices in Europe".

According to a statement from LG, Australians who have imported unlocked 2X handsets from overseas should have received a software patch in April to fix the issue, and will receive another patch mid-May to fix any persistent errors.

The Optimus 2X is LG's first dual-core powered Android smartphone. It will be released in Australia in May through Harvey Norman with an RRP of AU$649 for an unlocked handset.