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Trekkies, rejoice; your smartphone communicator is coming

Bluetooth me up, Scotty. An original series "Star Trek" communicator smartphone handset will make you feel like you're exploring strange new worlds.

Star Trek Bluetooth communicator
Kirk to Enterprise. Beam me off this pleasure planet. The Wand Company

As a young impressionable "Star Trek" fan, I dreamed of having a communicator of my very own. I imagined flipping it open, hearing that iconic sound and requesting a beam-up to the Enterprise. The closest I ever got was making one out of Lego. It took a long time, but my dream will be partially realized with the debut of the "Star Trek" original series Communicator Bluetooth Handset.

The Star Trek Shop describes it as "the most accurate replica ever made." It was created by The Wand Company (makers of a magic-wand remote control) using 3D scans of an original prop. It pairs to your smartphone through Bluetooth and includes authentic sound effects so you can reenact your favorite pleasure-planet remote communication scenes.

You won't be able to call Scotty unless you happen to have Simon Pegg's number, but you'll be able to talk with anyone else on your smartphone contact list.

The communicator is crafted from metal, machined aluminum and textured ABS plastic to give it both heft and an authenticate look. It comes with a magnetic wireless charging stand so you can show it off when it's not in use. The speaker is supposed to be good enough to play streaming music, so cue up your MP3 of Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins."

Preorders are open at the Star Trek Shop, though it won't ship until January 2016. Getting kitted up like a Starfleet officer comes at a bit of a price. The communicator sells for $149.95 (about £97, AU$202). UK fans can preorder the communicator from exclusive retailer Firebox for £119.95 with shipping included. Unfortunately, the Star Trek Shop and Firebox don't accept payment in tribbles, but we can still expect plenty of fans to sport these at conventions next year.

Star Trek Communicator open
This gadget is extremely screen-accurate. The Wand Company