AT&T to throttle your video quality in the name of 'data saving'

Beginning in early 2017, the carrier will enable a feature that will stream video on your phone in 480p, which is cool if you like watching grainy videos.

AT&T's Stream Saver might help us save on data, but watching 480p video can be brutal.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Touting it as a "free and convenient data-saving feature," AT&T will roll out a new option that will stream video from your phone or tablet in standard-definition quality (about 480 pixels), rather than high-definition video (720 pixels and higher).

The feature is called Stream Saver and will begin early 2017. AT&T will send messages to users when it is activated, and it will also affect users on AT&T's GoPhone prepaid plans as well.

Though lowering stream quality will help save on data, watching 480p video is about the equivalent of rubbing sand in your eyes. Fortunately, you can disable Stream Saver when you log into your account at myAT&T or Premier for business customers. You won't be charged extra to disable (or enable) the feature.