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Football kits of the future sport high-tech extras

These concept athletic outfits use wearable tech that puts flexible LED adverts and even live stats on your favourite player's chest.

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Richard Trenholm
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It's all kicking off in the world of wearable technology -- and the sporting outfits of the future could have built-in technology to make games even more exciting.

It's just a few days to go before the world's best soccer players gather in France for Euro 2016, so to get in the mood click through the gallery below to see possible high-tech kits with offside lights, live stats displayed on a player's chest, and shirts that light up different colours to show hard a player has been hit.

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These futuristic kits are just hypothetical suggestions conceived by Bwin in the run-up to the last World Cup, but they do show some of the possibilities of wearable technology, even if not on the sports field.

For example, the shirt that harvests the wearer's movements as kinetic energy could charge your phone. And the low-visibility, light-up shirt would be useful for people out running late at night, or workers who require high-visibility clothing.

Certainly the shirt that lights up with different colours when hit has obvious potential for improving player safety and monitoring the health of players out on the field, especially in heavy-contact sports like rugby and American football.

In fact, players from the NFL to the pee-wee leagues are already wearing the Reebok Checklight cap, which shows referees, coaches, medical staff and concerned parents if a player has taken a big hit to the head by lighting up red, yellow or green.

Which of these high-tech wearable systems would you like to see on the field of your favourite sport? It's game on in the comments.