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AT&T now lets you share your phone number with tablets, watches, more

One number to rule them all: AT&T's latest service uses your digits across multiple connected devices.


Your phone number isn't just for your phone anymore.

AT&T will soon let customers apply their primary number to additional devices, including tablets and watches. Called NumberSync, the feature -- which will launch on its first device in the holiday season -- uses AT&T's network to send and receive phone calls and text messages to multiple devices.

The feature comes as more connected devices with their own cellular connection -- and associated number -- emerge. NumberSync is handy if you have a cellular-connected smartwatch, like the upcoming LG Watch Urbane Second Edition, but don't want people texting or calling a separate number. By making this an AT&T-only service, it provides an incentive to consumers to stick with one network for all of their devices.

"Our plan is for NumberSync to become the norm on a variety of our future connected 'devices'," AT&T said in a statement.

With NumberSync, you can leave your phone at home and still get calls and texts on your smartwatch. Another major selling point is the feature will work across device-makers and differing mobile software such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Previously, consumers had to pair devices using Bluetooth. But Numbersync doesn't require the technology for your number to associate with your other gadgets. In fact, your phone won't even need to be nearby or turned on.

Devices need to be compatible with NumberSync to work properly together. AT&T hasn't spelled out how many devices will have NumberSync at launch, but it does plan to introduce the first product "fairly soon," with more devices expected before the holiday shopping season.