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AT&T's no-contract Aio Wireless goes online for all

Opening the doors for nationwide business, anyone from the US can now buy phones through AT&T's new prepaid branch.

ZTE Prelude (Aio Wireless)
Aio Wireless brings prepaid phones to brick and mortar stores.
Lynn La/CNET

AT&T no-contract brand Aio Wireless is opening up its digital doors to everyone, the newbie carrier announced on Thursday.

That means any US customer can browse and purchase phones from Aio's lineup regardless of their geographic footprint. As a startup, Aio's brand initially served a few communities in Florida, Georgia, and Texas -- both online and in-store.

Although Aio continues to establish retail stores in these southern states (the company just unlocked a new one in Dallas), a spokesperson told CNET that the carrier can now handle a higher volume of request to port phone numbers from other carriers to Aio's.

In addition, the Web site is now stable enough to accept nationwide traffic without crashing Aio's servers.

Aio's off-contract smartphone lineup includes the iPhone 5 (newly discontinued by Apple, but still available until stock runs out), iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4; the Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 620 in various colors (including purple and lime), and ZTE Prelude.

Aio says it will continue to expand its brick-and-mortar presence in the months to come.