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AT&T's GoPhone prepaid service adds 4G support

The revamp means that 4G devices, including the iPhone, can now access data over the network instead of just relying on Wi-Fi.

GoPhone Screenshot by CNET

iPhone owners will finally be able to tap into all the benefits of AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plan.

As of Friday, GoPhone customers who activate an iPhone will be able access data over the network. The same holds true for those who activate other 4G devices as GoPhone now supports AT&T's 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks. Previously, owners of 4G devices who subscribed to GoPhone didn't have access to network data.

To hop onto the plan, subscribers must already own an off-contract iPhone or other 4G device or buy one through AT&T at the full retail price. The GoPhone service allows users to avoid contracts and down payments by opting for a pay-as-you-go plan.

Customers can choose among three monthly plans. The $65 plan includes data access as part of the package. The $50 and $25 plans require separate data packages for them to be activated.

Existing GoPhone subscribers who own an iPhone or 4G device will automatically get updated with the network data access on June 21. However, they can call AT&T customer care to activate the feature before that date.

AT&T is also throwing in Visual Voicemail for iPhone and 4G device owners who use GoPhone. Visual Voicemail allows users to see a list of all their voicemails and pick the ones they want to hear or delete.

(Via MacRumors)