AT&T ups ante with $100 credit for new lines

The offer is available to all new and existing subscribers and can be applied to any smartphone, tablet, feature phone, or hot spot.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

AT&T is making a move to increase the number of lines that new and current customers add on.

The company announced that starting Wednesday, all new and existing customers will receive a $100 credit on their bill for every new line they open. The offer extends to smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and hot spots. It also includes wireless home phone lines bundled with 4G LTE service.

AT&T is in a battle with T-Mobile to offer customers the most financial incentives to bring them aboard. T-Mobile is taking all kinds of jabs at AT&T. T-Mobile CEO John Legere even went so far earlier this month to say that AT&T is "bribing customers" to retain and attract them. The comment was a response to AT&T offering T-Mobile customers $450 to switch from T-Mobile.

According to AT&T, its latest incentive to bring on new lines will be available through March 31.