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AT&T unveils pricing for Windows Phone 8X, Lumia 920, 820

AT&T is courting different market segments with three phones, with the Windows Phone 8X from HTC hitting the high end at $199.99.

The Windows Phone 8X (left) and the Lumia 920 (right). Josh Miller/CNET

AT&T unveiled the pricing for its Windows Phone 8 devices with the hope that the three phones appeal to different customers.

The Windows Phone 8X from HTC will cost $199.99 with a two-year contract, although a yellow or blue-colored version with half the memory will be available as an exclusive product for $99.99. The device can be combined with an optional wireless charging case, while the Verizon Wireless version will have wireless charging built in to the phone.

AT&T said that the phones will be available for order on Nov. 9, and will ship next week. It previously said the phones would be available "by Thanksgiving."

Another exclusive, the Nokia 920, will cost $99.99 with a contract, while the lower-end Lumia 820 will cost $49.99. Both phones hit stores on Friday, although pre-orders begin Wednesday.

The Lumia 920 will come with the wireless charging pad for free as a limited promotion.

AT&T will have the largest lineup of Windows Phone 8 smartphones, which officially launched last week as part of a major push by Microsoft to sell its next-generation operating system on multiple platforms. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has vowed to push the different platforms as a family of products in an effort to build familiarity with the relatively new concept of live tiles.

AT&T has already traditionally been the strongest partner to Microsoft, helping to heavily push the Lumia 900 to modest success over the past year. Everyone is hoping for a better showing this time around, with the Windows Phone operating system still looking to prove itself.

Ballmer earlier said that Windows Phone 8's market share position is still small, but he sees rapid growth when the new lineup of smartphones hit the market.

Still, it comes at a time when Google's Android operating system is dominating the smartphone industry, while demand remains high for Apple's iPhone. That leaves little room for Windows Phone, as well as Research In Motion's BlackBerry 10, which is mounting a comeback of its own early next year.

Note: The story was originally published on Tuesday, but has been updated with information about the order date for the Windows Phone 8X.

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