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AT&T stores report Lumia 900 shortage

Several AT&T stores report that the Nokia Lumia 900 are selling out fast.

Nokia has unveiled its latest ad touting the Lumia 900.
The Nokia Lumia 900 is reportedly high in demand.
Josh Miller/CNET

Although it's still too early to tell if the Lumia 900 is both Nokia and Microsoft's saving grace, numerous AT&T stores reported that the demand for the device is surpassing its supply.

According to an informal Gizmodo investigation, 36 stores sold out of the handset within the first few days of its debut, especially in the cyan color:

"Ten stores had run out of cyan entirely but had the black model available in limited quantities," the publication reported.

"Many told us stock would be replenished by the next day, with just two saying they're receiving shipments daily."

But consumers shouldn't be too optimistic about these numbers. After all, these stores could have had a small supply right off the bat.

"Locations that had been cleaned out only started with three or four of each color, and reinforcements have apparently been scarce," Gizmodo reported.

Whether or not the carrier is planning to sell out the device to build up hype, or it's just genuinely caught off guard by the demand, it's good to see that any Nokia phone is selling out at all in the U.S.